No one works harder to create environments that exude relaxation than Carley Sumner, founder of the Flamingo Flea, which brings dozens of local artists and makers back to Tarpon River Brewing in Fort Lauderdale noon-4 p.m. Sunday.

In organizing these markets, Sumner, 33, is curating commerce — she takes pride in the variety and quality of the shopping you’ll find — but also community, both the creatives and people looking for a certain local lifestyle vibe.

“It’s come out of a selfish reason, because it’s exactly what I would want to do on a Sunday,” says Sumner, a Broward County native. “It’s nothing too crazy in terms of volume of music or getting dressed up in something fancy. It’s just a good Sunday fun day. You have live music, brunch, shopping and friends. It’s just a good way to end the weekend.”

Along with Flamingo Flea, Sumner has opened a retail space at the Small Wine Shop in Flagler Village, where seven local makers fill seven shelves with their work Tuesday-Sunday on four-month residencies. Also worth noting are monthly, third-Wednesday Meet the Maker nights with $5 wine. Visit

In a couple of weeks, on Oct. 8, you’ll find Sumner hosting a section of the Music & Makers series, a nighttime feature at Las Olas Oceanside Park, which is flying a new flag as “the LOOP.” Music & Makers combines a pop-up shopping area in the beautifully renovated waterfront park with Friday Night Sound Waves, the long-running free weekly music series that begins its 2021 season on Oct. 8 with high-energy pop and R&B classics by ReaXtion Band. Visit

Date Night
We’re not telling you what to do, but this Friday night’s free sundown screening of the song-and-dance romance “La La Land” at Las Olas Oceanside Park, uh, the LOOP, would make a fine centerpiece for an overnight date night in Fort Lauderdale’s under-discovered nightlife gem North Beach Village, which we recently explained in some detail. Maybe we are telling you what to do.

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