Wind down your week with some music, food and family-friendly fun at Friday Night Sound Waves

By Lynne Martinez, Kaylin Cantor
March 23, 2022

It’s a perfect time for an outdoor concert, which is why you should head to Las Olas Oceanside Park for their Friday Night Sound Waves concert series.

Spring means good times, good food and tons of fun, and that’s what’s going down at Friday Night Sound Waves in Las Olas Oceanside Park.

Arianne Glassman, producer, Friday Night Sound Waves: “Friday Night Sound Waves is just an amazing community gathering. Not only are you going to see some of the best bands, but you get to enjoy a wonderful night market. We also have fitness programs.”

It’s the perfect place to chill with family, or get your workout on with Outfit Training, and of course, carbo-load on some great grub.

Arianne Glassman: “We have amazing food for you to enjoy. We have fresh crepes, you can have fresh stone crab and seafood, we’ll have ice cream, just something a little bit for everybody.”

Your wallet might hate you for stopping at every shop, but it’ll be worth it.

Arianne Glassman: “We have clothing makers, we have jewelry makers, soap makers, apothecary.”

Sit back and enjoy the great tunes.

Arianne Glassman: “You’re not only going to see an amazing lineup of South Florida musicians, but it’s really a true representation of different music genres in South Florida.”

Or get your groove on!

Gary Nelson: “Expect to be entertained. Me and the guitar player are wireless, we play wireless, we’ll be out in the audience, we’ll be checking out the crowd, they should enjoy great music. We have three-part vocals, a lot of harmonies, a lot of stuff you don’t hear all the time.”

But in the end, it’s all about spending quality time with the ones you love.

Jenn Sommerman, guest: “Friday Night Sound Waves has become a weekly occurrence for us. It’s a great way to bring in the weekend, it’s family-friendly, the little kids can all be here, you’re not disrupting people’s bedtimes. It’s during the dinner hours, so you can bring a little picnic and enjoy the great music.”