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Youth Art Month Exhibit

Join us on March 10 for a vibrant celebration of creativity as we honor Youth Art Month at Las Olas Oceanside Park

youth art month
March 10, 2024
10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Las Olas Oceanside Park

Join us in celebrating creativity as we recognize Youth Art Month on Sunday, March 10, at Las Olas Oceanside Park.
Prepare for an inspiring lineup of performances and opportunities to meet some very talented young artists as they display their original works.

Performing Arts Schedule

10:30 am – 11:15 am: Broward Center for the Performing Arts Spotlight Students
Broward Center Spotlights is a performing vocal ensemble for students who love to sing in front of an audience. This audition-based musical theater program trains students to perform solos, duets and group numbers, and choreography for various Broward Center and community events. Team-taught by a professional music director and choreographer, students gain top-tier instruction in song and dance, musicianship, improved vocal technique and song interpretation, and build dance skills and stage presence using some of Broadway’s greatest songs.

Time TBD: South Florida Fashion Academy, Fashion Show
South Florida Fashion Academy has the distinct mission to educate, inspire, and illuminate an intense desire to optimize the creative minds of students seeking a career in the Arts, Business, Fashion, and Beauty Industries. Students will receive an innovative quality education, resources, practical skills, and the confidence to be a leading professional.

1:00 pm: Singer/Songwriter D’André Doyley (18).
Dillard High School
Artist Statement: I chose this because it’s a form of therapy for me. Being able to share my life through my music creates an avenue for me where I don’t feel as if I have to keep everything bottled up. I also create it because it’s relatable to other people as well, and I’d like to make sure that other people don’t feel alone when they listen.
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Visual Artists On Display

Gabi (12), Mila (11), Lili (10), Ari (8), Asher (7)
Decorative Arts, Crochet
Saunders Homeschool
Artists Statement:
  We are inspired by all the amazing people who have shared their creativity and talents with us. We have seen how handmade gifts bring others joy and comfort. Whether we make a baby doll for a newborn or a cap for a cancer patient, like our Mima, we want to spread love and kindness wherever our crocheted treasures end up. Just like the yarn comes together to make something beautiful, when we crochete it bring us and others together, and that is beautiful.
Charlotte O., age 14
Visual Arts, Mixed Media
Seminole Middle School
Artist Statement:
One of my favorite places is the beach. My family and I spend a lot of time on the water. I have collected lots of shells and sea glass over the years and wanted to find a way to display them and use my love of art. I am hoping that others will feel the happiness I felt collecting and making the art when they view my artwork.
Julian H., age 8
Visual Arts, Virginia Shuman Young Elementary
Artists Statement
:I am inspired to draw and paint because when I see something that I like I want to remember it so I draw or paint it. I am also inspired by colors.
Kevin V., age 11
Visual Arts, Mixed Media
City of Pembroke Pines Charter Schools
Nolani S., age 9
Visual Arts
St. Anthony’s
Artist Statement:
Art lets me be myself. I have been painting & drawing my whole life. I love animals & color so my art is the animals I love and the colors of living in Florida. I like to paint with acrylics & watercolor, also I paint portraits of friends pets to give them. I have always wanted to have an art show so really want to do this.
Selena M., age 17
Decorative Arts
Dillard High School
Artist Statement:
 I have a passion for the arts and an even greater passion for nature. It is the driving force of my creations, so much so that it would be unusual for me to not be seen with my head tilted to the ground, looking at what I am walking over as I pass. I have always had this curiosity and internal drive to explore, it’s what stops me from sitting or simply standing still and I do not see this changing. This drive for exploration has changed massively as I have ventured further into my art. I do not have a go-to material/media, I have experimented with so many that it is hard to really choose from ceramics to sculpture, painting to drawing, or sewing to embroidery. I plan to explore even more mediums and use multiple in the same pieces. 
Zaria V., age 8
Visual Arts
B-Ready Acadamy
Artist Statement:
  I am inspired to create art by different shows like Sailor Moon, Hello Kitty and friends, and online games like ZEPETO where you can create your own avatars. I love to create characters in the kawaii style. Drawing helps me to relax and just be my true self. I love seeing the end results of what I create.