joanne jean
June 22, 2024
1:15 pm - 1:45 pm
Las Olas Oceanside Park

Hailing from sunny South Florida and born of Haitian ancestry, Jô Jean is a unique singer-songwriter blending alternative R&B, bedroom pop, and hip-hop.

Her musical journey started at the age of six, catalyzed by a Christmas school performance. She went on to hone her skills on various instruments, ranging from alto saxophone to rhythm guitar. The Haitian-American songstress found her voice through poetry and songwriting.

At Florida A&M University, she refined her sound and released her debut EP, “D0RK,” exploring communal, romantic, and self-love.

Her single “College Dropout” housed relatable lyrics over an intoxicatingly catchy beat, depicting the duality most students face with wanting to seek an education while being exhausted by the process.

With listeners resonating deeply, local community organizer Always Lunes took it as an opportunity to feature the artist on their esteemed digital platform.
Her musicianship is often compared to Kali Uchis, Billie Eilish, or Erykah Badu.

Jô Jean defines her sound as ‘alternative,’ which for her means “anti-mainstream.” In 2022, she released her introspective sophomore EP, ‘ Im okay, kinda,’ which addressed themes of mental health and modern dating. Her latest release, “Invisible,” showcases her emotive vocals and poignant lyrics against the backdrop of Hollywood Beach. Jô Jean’s music celebrates vulnerability and authenticity, offering listeners a sanctuary of sonic solace.

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