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J.A.M. Pamir Guanchez

Join us in welcoming Internationally recognized master Sax player and Flute Virtuoso Pamir Guanchez and His Latin Flow Band on Saturday, April 8

Pamir Guanchez
April 8, 2023
12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Las Olas Oceanside Park

In recognition of Jazz Appreciation Month, Internationally recognized master Sax player and Flute Virtuoso Pamir Guanchez and His Latin Flow Band will provide an afternoon of jazz mambo rhythms and lyrical Latin flavors as a backdrop to shop and stroll by the shore.

About Pamir

Caracas, Venezuela is the birthplace of some of the most world-renowned artists and musicians of our time.
One of these artists is without a doubt, the incomparable sax player Pamir.

From his humble beginnings in Venezuela, he has risen to become one of Latin America’s leading flute and sax players.
Following his formal education at the Music Conservatory in Venezuela, he achieved his degree in music and harnessed his instrument-playing skills.
It was there Pamir realized his destiny lay in the world of music.

One of the world’s greatest Latin performers OSCAR D’LEON, immediately recognized Pamir’s incredible talent.
This was the beginning of a relationship that lasted over 15 years.
He traveled extensively throughout the world, as part of the OSCAR D’LEON orchestra.

Pamir’s work was constantly in demand by artists of a higher caliber such as the queen of salsa, the late CELIA CRUZ, who enjoyed working alongside this versatile musician.
He currently accompanies TITO PUENTE JR in his shows around the US.

Some of the highlights of Pamir’s musical journey include performing in front of sold-out audiences in New York’s world-famous Carnegie Hall and Madison Square garden. Those in Latin America, Europe, and Asia have all had the pleasure of witnessing his musical genius.

Today, audiences are hypnotized and dazzled by this rising star that is pursuing his long-awaited solo career. Pamir’s flute, saxophone, and singing talent are at his peak and he hopes to express his passion for music in these productions. This native son of Venezuela is preparing to leave his mark on the world of music.