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Fit for the Holidays

Get Out. Get Fit. Get a Jump start to a New and Improved You in ’22  with two complimentary classes presented by OutFit Training at The LOOP on Sunday, December 19.

December 19, 2021
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Las Olas Oceanside Park

CARDIO HIIT at 10:00 am

OutFit Open workouts are large-group circuit style HITT classes. It’s a fun, challenging, total body workout (mobility, stability, strength, power, cardio, core). Individuals are challenged through intensity and progression over time. The primary benefit to your body is adapting to increased movement and intensity to promote IMPROVED caloric burn and physical changes. The outcome… becoming a stronger, healthier, more fit you!

The class is open to all levels.

ZUMBA at 11:00 am

OutFit® has partnered with Zumba® to bring the amazing Zumba experience into the fresh air and blue skies of the great outdoors.
For the uninitiated, Zumba® is a heart pounding cardio workout that feels more like a dance party with friends.
Zumba’s inspiring music and perfectly arranged programs move your body in rhythm to the tunes — and OutFit® brings all that sweat & fun OUTDOORS into the sunshine.

The class is open to all levels.


WHAT YOU NEED: Towel & Water

Complimentary HIIT: Enter Promo Code: WONDERLAND in your OutFIT App
Complimentary Zumba: Enter Promo Code WONDERLAND21 in your OutFit APP

PARKING: Not included

All participants must register on the app
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OutFit is a mobile outdoor fitness training service recently launched in Fort Lauderdale that brings premium workout experiences to a neighborhood near you! OutFit delivers both large and small group HIIT style circuit training, as well as private training – all led by TRX certified coaches. Get Out. Get Fit.

Our mission with the LO/OP Fit Program is to provide access to a variety of group fitness classes in a safe and welcoming outdoor setting. Each of our certified, licensed, and insured fitness professionals have been added explicitly to the schedule based on their individual areas of expertise. They possess a contagious enthusiasm, desire for you to meet your fitness goals, and believe you can Live Optimal / Own Possible when your mind, body, and spirit lift.