Explore the sustainable side of #theMKT this April as we shine a spotlight on our market vendors, who champion eco-friendly practices all year round. From fashions and accessories to home decor crafted from repurposed and recycled materials, these vendors are redefining creativity while helping to protect our planet.

Founded by the dynamic duo Ana & Luke, Palma Amor is a brand fueled by a shared passion for sustainability and creativity. Committed to tackling overproduction in fashion, they craft unique and elegant products sustainably, using organic materials and recycled plastic. With a visionary mission, Palma Amor strives to raise awareness across the American community about environmental impact reduction and ethical labor practices. By showcasing the beauty of nature, they exemplify that sustainable fashion can be sophisticated, promoting a responsible lifestyle dedicated to protecting our planet.

Meet Dawn, the visionary force behind IWear… Do You? For almost two decades, Dawn has transformed hardware into exquisite jewelry pieces. With a background in sculpture and life forms from the Ontario College of Art and later studies in philosophy and creative writing at Ohio State University, Dawn infuses her designs with creativity and craftsmanship. Originally from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Dawn’s journey from boutique buyer to founder of IWear Do You? in 2001 reflects her commitment to sustainability and individuality in fashion. With her unique designs, Dawn invites you to explore her collection and express your style with her distinctive pieces.

Meet Jacqueline Bergeron, a mother of five, entrepreneur, and eco-conscious designer. Raised on Cape Cod and now residing in sunny Florida, Jacqueline’s journey led her to establish a quaint gift and coffee shop with a mission centered on fair trade and handmade goods. Inspired by a desire to give back, Jacqueline ventured to Nicaragua monthly to establish artisan co-ops, importing her designs and donating proceeds to nonprofits. Now retired, she crafts unique seashell art from treasures collected on Florida’s beaches. Each piece, encased in eco-friendly shadow boxes, brings the tranquility of the coast into any home. Perfect for nature lovers seeking a touch of coastal beauty in their décor.

Sponsor Spotlight

In the heart of South Florida, a revolution in sustainable living is underway.
Meet The Rounds, a groundbreaking solution revolutionizing the way we shop and live, one delivery at a time.

The concept of The Rounds was born out of a deep-rooted commitment to environmental sustainability and a desire to address the growing issue of packaging waste. With the average household discarding over 1,200 lbs of packaging waste annually, there was a pressing need for a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional shopping methods. The Rounds emerged as a response to this challenge, offering a convenient, sustainable, and community-driven approach to shopping.

At the core of The Rounds’ mission lies the commitment to reducing packaging waste and promoting eco-friendly alternatives. By introducing reusable containers delivered to your doorstep, they bid farewell to cardboard boxes and plastic, reducing single-use packaging waste by an impressive 70%. This innovative approach not only minimizes environmental impact but also promotes a more sustainable lifestyle among consumers.

Operating like a modern-day milkman, The Rounds navigates your neighborhood on scheduled days, mainly by e-bike and occasionally by e-van, to deliver essentials and collect empties. This hyper-efficient approach not only reduces traffic and emissions but also fosters a sense of community. Neighbors come together to receive their deliveries, creating a shared experience that goes beyond just shopping.

Furthermore, The Rounds takes a holistic approach to sustainability by partnering with local businesses and offering a diverse range of eco-friendly products. From pantry items and produce to paper and cleaning products, each product is carefully curated to ensure the highest quality and minimal environmental impact. By supporting local businesses, The Rounds not only promotes sustainability but also contributes to the growth and prosperity of the community.

But The Rounds’ commitment to sustainability doesn’t end with the products they offer. They are also dedicated to transparency, increasing reporting on their sustainability efforts to remain accountable to their customers, themselves, and the planet. From ingredients to shipping distances and carbon footprint, The Rounds strives to provide complete transparency about its operations, allowing customers to make informed choices that align with their values.

With a recent expansion encompassing over 50 zip codes across Miami-Dade and Broward counties, The Rounds makes sustainable living accessible to all. Whether you’re in the heart of Miami or nestled in a quiet corner of South Florida, join The Rounds on this journey towards a cleaner, greener future. Visit their website today and experience sustainable living with The Rounds.

In summary, The Rounds is not just a grocery delivery service; it’s a movement towards a more sustainable way of living. By prioritizing environmental sustainability, supporting local businesses, and fostering community connections, The Rounds is reshaping how we shop and live for the better.

Join them on this journey and be part of the change towards a cleaner, greener future. Learn more at therounds.co